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Put Faith in Your Opinions

Photo in August 20 issue

I was extremely upset to see the photo on page 2 of the August 20 edition of The Southern Cross.  The cut line below the picture refers to a "Georgia confederate militia demonstration" in Stone Mountain.  Yes, various militia groups went to Stone Mountain on August 15.  They rallied in the middle of the town because the park was closed down to prevent their access to Stone Mountain itself.  They brought tear gas and weapons to "defend" themselves against counter-protesters.  More details about who these white nationalists and neo-confederates are can be found in the Hate group section of the Southern Poverty Law Center website.

For those who don't know, Stone Mountain has been the site of massive Ku Klux Klan rallies over the years, burning crosses and all.  Most recently, a "pro-white" rally was held there.  I am shocked that this picture, which attempts to paint a warm-and-fuzzy view of this man in battle gear, was not accompanied by a story providing context.

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