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Gold and Silver Celebration: Bill and Brenda Manucy: Cheers to 25 years of marriage

By Donnell Suggs

Posted On Saturday Feb 13, 2021 · 8:00 am

Billy Manucy is talking too much and his wife Brenda would like him to stay on topic. Billy, 72, and Brenda, 77, have been married for 25 years, their actual wedding anniversary is Sept. 28, and are parishioners at St. Michael Church, Tybee Island. The pair is one of the many couples being honored during the Gold and Silver Jubilee this year. As the story of how the pair met, fell in love and married continued Brenda decided it was time for her to step in and tell it. She wanted to make sure Billy didn’t leave anything out.

The pair had mutual friends that thought they would be good for each other and ultimately they were right in their assessment. After being introduced they would mysteriously find themselves at the same parties and get-togethers. Both admit that they were not looking for a companion, nevertheless found one. “I was absolutely not looking for anyone else [following the passing of her first husband], but our friends kept putting us together,” said Brenda.

“I didn’t want to get married again, I wasn’t looking for anyone else either,” admitted Billy, who was divorced and referred to his first marriage as “misery.”

The Manucy’s were married at St. Michael Church, where Billy had been attending since he was a child. They continue to attend Mass at the parish and are involved parishioners. Catholicism was a foundation of their lives before they met and remains so today. “We both grew up in the church and that has always been important to us,” said Brenda.

Billy added, “Marriage and the church are number one for us.”

“It was just meant to be,” said Brenda. “I got lucky because my late husband was a good man, and my husband now is a good man.

Asked what the past 25 years has meant to them, both said the quarter-century has been wonderful. Having experienced marriage prior to meeting and getting married later in life, there’s a certain appreciation for the union. Neither of the Manucy’s have children from their previous marriages. “It has been a wonderful 25 years,” said Brenda. “It really flew by. We have had a lot of good times together.”

“One day I decided I was in love again and it has gone by so fast,” said Billy. “To me, it’s the most beautiful story I’ve had in my life.”


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