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Put Faith in Your Opinions

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From the Editor…

Read the Southern Cross and put Faith in your opinions

The Southern Cross slogan “Put Faith in your opinions” purposely capitalizes the word Faith. Our Faith is a gift from God. As Catholics, we are called upon to nurture our Faith and grow closer to God.

How do you nurture your Faith? Prayer, the sacraments, reading scripture, attending Mass, and performing corporal works of mercy all serve to strengthen our Faith.

Our Faith should shape our world view as well as our opinions.

Your Southern Cross is one source for putting Faith in your opinions, and provides a quiet voice of Catholic insight in a world of instant communication.

We publish the work of professional journalists and photojournalists vetted by the Catholic News Service (CNS), which operates under the auspices of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Our pages carry messages from Pope Francis, official statements from our bishop, news from across the diocese, and commentary focused on local, national and international issues. Sometimes these reports help to reinforce our personal world view, sometimes they rankle our comfortable mind set and give us the opportunity to grow.

Taken together, our contributors help us to understand the issues of the day from a Faithful perspective, presenting a Catholic world view that knows no politics.

Before the COVID pandemic, it was estimated that only one-third of all Catholics regularly attend Sunday Mass. What must this statistic look like now, with our vulnerable population still under a statewide order to shelter in place?

How can we maintain a Catholic connection with those who cannot or do not attend Mass?

The mission of the Southern Cross is to deliver news that will put Faith in the opinions of all 25,000 households registered in the Diocese of Savannah.

Fifteen dollars pays for one annual subscription of 26 issues. We ask you to consider giving $30 or more during the Southern Cross subscription campaign beginning on October 12.
As the official newspaper of the Diocese of Savannah, we need your help to make our community of Faith stronger and more fully one.

We are too small to do all things Catholic; but all we do is Catholic.

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